On the Eve of This Night
On the Eve of This Night

On the Eve of This Night

Oh love give back to me my tenderness
You used it once too often
I am spent now in this love affair
You've loved me much too fiercely
Oh intruder of my halls of pain
Where are you gone tonight
My wounds are still hurting
And last year's scars won't heal
The lonely lanes echo my steps
Softly the snow is sailing down
A painted smile behind ev'ry window pane
Master of Healing where are you tonight
Oh houses of splendor and of power
Allow me to enter your walls
Your shelter eases my mind
Your cellars hide our fugitives
Oh rooms with your damp walls
With your chains of rusted iron
Where is the gold and silver
That your prisoner is longing for
The pale-faced judges of the High Court
The priest of pain and his servants
I will ask them to have mercy
With me and my bold words
Oh love I know you cannot forgive
So I face the trial you put upon me
And I won't kneel and weep
And accept the capital punishment
But allow me to close my eyes
And dream of my long dead parents
The Halls of Fame are deserted
The songs are sung and obsolete