September 05 – lost
September 05 – lost

September 05 – lost

I know you
who do I know
I love you
Who do I love
There is no one around
You called me
Who was it that called
You talked to me
Who was it that talked
There is not even a sound
And who are you
What is this leading to
Another empty glass of wine
no traces and an empty shrine
I did not know
What was there to know
I did not hear
What was there to hear
I looked around
what was there to see
And I felt no pain
but what was there to feel
And the fog that lifted
left an empty space
a deserted icon
and a fainting face
And warmth was just a touch away
to bridge the distance and fill the gap
to kill that hollow sound of strangeness
to warm up the cold and break the ice